Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed some of our most frequently asked questions below. If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us!


Are there any additional platform fees?

ClinAide does not charge any additional fees for clinicians to use our marketplace platform, yes it's free to use!

We are clinicians as well and understand you deserve a service that should save you more, not cost you more.

Can a filter be added to a product group?

100%. ClinAide was developed to provide clinicians an easier solution for reviewing dental supplies. Let us know what it is and we'll go through evaluating how to best implement it through the products to better assist the needs of all clinicians utilizing the platform.

Can you help me find a product?

Absolutely! If you're busy in clinic and don't have time to search before needing an order, send us a list of what you need and we'll provide you with a cart link.

Does the site contain all products that a merchant may have?

At this time ClinAide is focusing on categorizing and adding the most commonly used clinical products first. If there's a item you'd like to see on the site just let us know and we'd be happy to get it moved up in the queue for you to get on the site as soon as possible.

How is ClinAide different than current suppliers/distributors?

ClinAide actually isn't a supplier and/or distributor. It is a platform utilized to connect clinicians and suppliers more easily.

This provides clinicians a transparent and consolidated nationwide resource for their dental supplies and allows ClinAide to focus on the optimization of your online experience to continually improve on your overall ordering process.

What is the ClinAide marketplace?

ClinAide is designed as a comparison-based platform solution to help you optimize clinical productivity by acting as the middle man (i.e. your virtual clinical assistant) in eliminating the hurdles to access and simplifying the ordering process --with the added benefit of focusing on easily reducing overhead costs with minimal time or effort.

What is the quality of the products?

ClinAide seeks out suppliers, distributors and manufacturers selling products within Canada that have a reputable service record. We utilize our clinicians feedback who've used these sources for their own clinics, and we monitor your feedback to ensure quality products are listed on the site for your use.

If you may have any concerns we recommend contacting a supplier directly to verify before ordering as well as providing us with feedback so we can better enhance the experience of all clinicians utilizing the platform.

Will more products be added?

We are hard at work every day making sure products added are loaded in to our database for the ease of use of all users. If there's a product we're missing let us know and we'll move it up in the queue to have it done as soon as we can if it is available by current suppliers!

Will more suppliers be added?

ClinAide is an open platform for suppliers/distributors/manufacturers to support what clinicians need in an evolving market. Let us know who you'd like to see on the platform and we will reach out, but feel free to let them know you'd be more inclined to be using them if they participated in the transparency of our marketplace as well (& let us know if you did) :)


Can you help me find a scrub not on the site?

We have access to many brands and not all products are listed on the site. If you know the product name and code feel free to reach out and we'll be glad to check if we have access to the product for you.

Do you offer group discounts?

If ordering for a group please submit a quote request for the quantities and sizes you would like

My file upload doesn't seem right, what do I do?

The best option is to ensure you are uploading a high quality image file. If this is not an option, please add a note from the shopping cart saying you would like our artists to review it for you. We will always do our best to help, but there are limitations on file types on what we can do though.

What is your return policy?

Please email us before you return your scrubs at Items in original condition can be returned or exchanged within 21 days of delivery when accompanied by your original invoice.

Washed, worn, altered or customized items cannot be returned. For more details on returns and/or exchanges click here

When will my order ship?

Most plain scrub orders ship within 7 business days. If embroidery or custom printing has been requested extended shipping times depend on size of the order and average 14-21 days pending on product availability.