About Clinaide

"ClinAide's mission is to simplify the complex navigation of the dental supply market through bridging the gap between clinicians and suppliers."

When it comes to the dental supply market we've all had the run in with the inherent complexities that takes more time and resources than the potential benefit of fully utilizing it. Whether it's dealing with multiple sales reps wanting to meet during already packed days -spending hours on phone calls comparing and negotiating pricing -being bombarded with endless promotional flyers and emails every month -and so many more scenarios that put added stress on running the business side of your clinic when trying to control overhead costs.

ClinAide's core team is founded on clinicians and supporting clinical team members that ran into these issues every day, and set out on establishing a marketplace that brings transparency to the dental supply industry.

In the changing era we understand the value of your time to spend on optimizing clinical production, and not through the hurdles and hoops the supply market places on clinicians when trying to reduce their overhead costs or research alternative products to use.

Similar to your patients having informed decisions on their treatment options, we believe clinics should have the same type of information presented to them in allowing for an efficient evaluation of their supply needs and streamlined order process.

ClinAide is proud to be a feature all clinical users can utilize at no additional cost or membership to access, allowing your focus to remain on the more important clinical operations.

Why not take a look around and see how your clinic and team can begin leveraging purchases from multiple sources more efficiently and start saving time and resources on your dental supply needs as well as increasing clinical productivity.

In addition to the ClinAide Marketplace we've also incorporated a personalized scrub uniform section, providing you a selection of plain and customizable scrub options. Whether for your individual workwear needs, or for branding your clinical wear as a team we're here to help and simplify the process for you. We operate online only with no storefront providing our customers some of the most competitive prices around.